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Facebook is now paying its users

I’ve noticed that many SiteTalk supporters complain that Facebook is reluctant in paying its users while they make millions of dollars in revenue. To SiteTalk supporters, this is simply unfair. Hence, they would argue that SiteTalk is a better social network because profits are shared.

However, according to Mashable, Facebook has just recently introduced a system where users are paid to view certain ads (at 10 cents/ad). And the credits earned can be used to purchase goods on Facebook Deals.

You can read a bit more about this here:

What are your thoughts?


SiteTalk: Tupperware-trick to capture members?

A recent June 2010 article in a Swedish newsletter compares SiteTalk’s tactics to selling Tupperware.

Here is a Google translated snippet of the article:

Site Talk since last fall based on their combined social network and online store. In order to win users from Facebook and other networking site with attractive bonuses and discounts.

The idea is reminiscent of a Tupperware party. The more your invited friends acting for, the greater the discount you will receive in the company store.

Here is the link to the original article and here is the English translated version.


More voices of concern for SiteTalk

I’ve just stumbled across a web forum with someone called “Hazek” who is also expressing concerns about Unaico SiteTalk being a scam. Like myself, Hazek personally knows someone who has invested in this company and is concerned that the money invested would eventually go down a hole.

He writes:

As the topic says I’m afraid my sister got involved into something very phony and I can’t figure it out. I didn’t know where else to ask this but could please someone here try to research this “business” and tell me if it’s legitimate or a scam.



Unaico Sitetalk bus ads – Up and running in Hong Kong

I wonder if anyone in SiteTalk’s management has ever studied marketing. The website is not yet done (far from it!) and yet the advertising campaign has already started in Hong Kong in February. ¬†Check out the SiteTalk ads on the Hong Kong buses!

Translation: “Europe’s hottest platform for finding friends has landed in Asia!”.

I’m guessing they’re trying to brand Sitetalk into some kind of “dating platform”.